Top Gardens to Visit in NZ

Looking for a colourful escape while in NZ? Visit these dazzling gardens that are bursting with colour and personality.

Gardens in NZ

Aside from visiting beautiful beaches, paragliding sites, historic museums, awesome wineries, gardens are wonderful spots to look out for when on your next vacation to New Zealand. Below is a list of the top gardens that will make your vacation worthwhile.


Explore NZ's Beautiful Gardens


Ayrlies Gardens & Wetland (Auckland)

A beautiful garden charactarised by neatly paved waterways, ponds and unmarked borders, the Airlies Gardens is undoubtedly one of the most loved gardens in New Zealand. The garden covers about 12 acres of land with nicely crafted sweeping lawns and was built 5 decades ago by Beverly McConnell. It is presently ranked as a garden of international significance by the New Zealand Gardens Trust as a honour to mark its contribution to plant interest.


Dunedin Botanic Gardens (Dunedin)

Established in 1863, this garden is unarguably the oldest garden in New Zealand. A host to over thousands of plants both local and international plant species, the garden is beautified by a large array of forested slopes to decorative borders. For family retreats and group hangouts, the garden boasts of a nicely atmospheric café known as the Edwardian Winter Garden Glasshouse.


Tupare (New Plymouth)

Established in the 1930s by a Kiwi couple, this brilliant garden is situated on the outskirts on New Plymouth. Sitting on a strategic hill overlooking a river, the garden prides itself in a colourful parade of fine manicured flowerbeds and winding paths.


Christchurch Botanic Gardens (Christchurch)

Walking through these gardens makes you feel like you are strolling through paradise on Earth. Acclaimed to be one of South Island’s amazing sites, the gardens are cuddled in the mild grasp of the Avon River. Since Christchurch is widely known as the garden city, you would expect nothing less. Some activities visitors carry out include kayaking, punt riding and taking memorable photographs.


Larnach Castle Garden (Dunedin)

Over a century old, this garden is a combination of beauty and history. Located on the Otago Peninsula, the garden is set at an altitude of 984ft (300m) and prides itself in a huge collection of plants rarely seen anywhere. A scenic garden that boasts of a true sense of place and its one of the best in the Southern Hemisphere.


Government Gardens (Rotorua)

Located on the shores of Lake Rotorua, this dazzling garden overlooks the Tudor -styled Rotorua Museum. The garden is charactarised by stunning beds of roses, well built ponds and historic statues. Some special geothermal features include a steaming hot pool and great cafes.


Paloma Gardens (Whanganui)

With over 30 years of existence and growth, this spot is a huge concentration of one of the largest flora and fauna in New Zealand. Some notable features include The Garden of Death, The Palm Garden, The Wedding Lawn, The Jardin Exotique, The Bamboo Forests, The Two Arboreta and The Desert House.


Otari Wiltons Bush (Wellington)

A brilliant garden dedicated to the preservation and cultivation of indigenous plants, this garden prides itself as the only native botanic garden in New Zealand. Some native trees you can find in Otari Wiltons Bush include kohekohe, northern rata, hinau, rewarewa, tawa and mahoe. Some outstanding features include a network of boardwalks and parks, wild gardens, ferneries, rock garden, alpine gardens, and an abutting fish pool.  


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