Ayrlies Gardens and Wetlands

In the mood for some out of this world gorgeous countryside gardens? Ayrlies Garden is said to be the best of the best. Present near Whitford, southeast of Auckland, Ayrelies Garden are said to be ‘quintessential New Zealand garden’. It has received the highest honour of six stars. Rolling over a massive land of 12 acres, the garden contains everything from huge lawns to ponds and waterways, exotic plants and large trees and places for tourists to sit like a gazebo.

The garden as basically created by Malcolm and Beverly McConnell. They were the co-founder of engineering and construction company McConnell Dowell in New Zealand. Even through the gardens were merely started on 3 acres of land in 1964, on bare heavy clay soil, the place was later expanded to 12 acres of land by 1978, by the inclusion of 3 large ponds near it.

Connected to the garden is the Hauraki Gulf that features more than 15000 native seedlings that is home to a huge number of native and visiting wildlife. The Wetlands as they are called, cover an area of 14 hectares and is about 300mm deep. Water isn’t the only thing inhabited. Many birds also call this habitat their home. If you decide to visit the Wetlands, you will have to spend an hour going around the loop. Some of the most common birds that you will be able to see are New Zealand Scaup, Mallard, Australian Swamphen, Grey Teal, Paradise Shellduck, Canada Goose, Black swan and New Zealand Dabchick.

The Ayrlies Gardens and Wetlands are a must visit place when you are in Auckland. They are a perfect way to spend a family day surrounded by nature and all its natural dwellers. Kids are going to be particularly thrilled by all the birds and sea creatures.