The Government Gardens

It may not sound like a very inviting place, but the Government Gardens are a major tourist attraction of their area. It is a public park that is situated right beside the Lake Rotorua in central Rotorua, Bay of Plenty. Since it was developed by the government, it got its name from there.

The site was initially under the control of the Maori people who called it Paepaehakumanu and called the northern area as Motutara. In the 1800s, 50 acres of the land was given to the British Crown and this is where the gardens were created. They are also known as the Sanatorium Reserve. In 1908, the government opened a bath house on the site and later another building was created in 1933, known as the Blue Baths. Even though the original baths were closed in 1966 for bathing purposes, they were renovated and converted into a museum in1995.

The Rotorua Museum inside the Government Gardens contains sports facilities like swimming pool, petanque, golf, croquet lawn, bowling green, along with a Polynesian Spa and bandstand in the surrounding area. The place is full of interest for people of all ages as it has historic sites, spring and geyser, Arawa Soldiers Memoria, as well as a Klamath Falls Rose Garden. The rose garden is in bloom November to June and they look their most beautiful during the summer season.

You can also enjoy a relaxed leisurely bath in the spa that contains thermal waters, which are believed to promote health and vitality among people. The spa is not free and you would have to pay according to the kind of services you avail. There is a tea shop inside where you can buy snacks from. Just make sure you set out early as visiting the whole garden can take some time.