Looking for a place that can be entertaining for the entire family, yet be totally free? Tupare offers you just that, beauty and pleasure without having to pay a penny! Another one of New Zealand’s mind blowing gardens, Tupare is a short drive off New Plymouth. The place is managed by Taranaki Regional Council and was created by Sir Russell and Lady Matthews in 1932, when they set up their own house there. The garden is spread on 3.6 hectare and is attached to a Tudor-style home, all of which was given up as New Zealand’s heritage.

Tupare literally stands for ‘garland of flowers’. Living up to its name, the garden is full of a variety of colourful native ad exotic plants and also features a cliff cascade, a glade, an old orchard and a glasshouse. The place opens up to the majestic view of the snow covered peaks of Mount Taranaki. Since the place is open throughout the week, you can go any day and view the beauty that so loudly reminds of all that is New Zealand.

The garden is rich in multitudes of trees, perennials, shrubs and plants. It winds down to the Waiwhakaiho River which means that if your heart desires, you can take a leisurely stroll in the garden, right next to the sparkling river.

If you are lucky enough to visit the gardens during autumn season, you can check out the very special Tupare autumn show, with its dazzling flowers, blooming trees and colourful shrubs. Tourists can also visit the house, which is guided by the Friends of Tupare from 11am to 11.30am on Fridays,
Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays.

If you want to have a picnic, it would be best to take your own food along, as you might not find an open eatery close by at all times.